The Acai Berry has been featured widely in the media including ABC and CBS, which discuss the many health benefits of the acai berry.
So what is the Acai Berry?
The Acai Berry is a deep purple coloured grape-like berry, which consist of 10% skin/pulp and 90% seed. This fruit is primarily found in the Brazilian rainforest, and have have been used for hundreds of years by tribes for their medicinal properties.

acai berry fruit Until now, the Acai Berry was only available in Brazil as the fruit not only perishes within a day, and because only 10% of the fruit can be extracted you need very large quantities to extract any precious juice.
Recent advances in flash freezing, has meant that you can now buy Acai Berry supplements which pack all the natural goodness in a tablet.
In Dr Perricone's book "The Perricone Promise", the Acai Berry was quoted as being the Number 1 Superfood offering consumers not only a delicious berry but 10 to 30 times the antioxidants found in grapes.
The Acai Berry is the most nutrient dense berry available today, and studies have shown the fruit to help:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Boost energy and stamina
  • Increase your natural immunity
  • Help protect against heart disease, reduce chances of diabetes and Alzheimer's
  • Foster an increased libido
  • Reduce inflammation and delay aging

So join us today, take part in our discussions, and share your health improvement and weight loss experience.

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If you are looking for a strong antioxidant, you might also want to check out the maqui berry which is also one of the most powerful superfruits available today.

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